Why Into the Dead is the Ultimate Zombie Runner

When Into the Dead’s first screenshots were revealed, it was easy to think that it was just another run of the mill first person zombie shooter -one could never be more wrong. Pik Pok’s awesome zombie running app game is one of the most immersive experiences we have ever had, and this is one app game that has been a constant go-to title of our whenever we think of games that fully maximize the visual potential of the tablet system. This game is not about collecting coins or bonuses while you run, it is about managing to get as far as you get before you get eaten alive -and that is exactly how a zombie runner should be.

This game starts out without much narrative but a pretty easy to understand scenario: you survive a helicopter crash and have landed in the middle of nowhere. Everyone else died and you alone survived. Oh, and you are surrounded by zombies. Your character quickly gets up and starts running -in the distance you can see a large radio tower, but for the most part, a deep fog obscure most of the immediate surroundings and you must keep running. This use of fog and distanced objects is a clever way of getting around a tablet’s hardware limitations, and allows the game to render extremely convincing looking zombies. Fortunately, the weapons you can pick up not only look convincing, but they work just as effectively.

While all the weapons in this game run on limited ammunition, they are more than a necessary requirement if you want to get past plains, cornfields, and small forests that are infested with the undead. You could also chose to ram a few on the side if taking them down is not an option, but the physical effort will cause your character to take a bit of a stumble, and potentially lose enough control to send running straight into the jaws of a waiting zombie.

As with most zombie upgrade games such as Earn to Die 2, you can fulfill various objectives while running -allowing you to earn more credits for upgrades and also, for unlocking various weapons to be made available. The biggest credit sink in Into the Dead is the use of perks -from increasing ammunition count to providing players with a special attack dog that will take down the occasional zombie (having the dog is extremely useful), players are encourage to increase their chances of survival by loading up on this single use bonuses. And combined with a bit of skill (which you can hone through practice), you could recoup the cost of the bonuses with the credits you earn.

We appreciate the fact that into the dead allows players three various control methods, though we consider the “left-direction, right tap-shoot” configuration to be the most intuitive one, there is no denying that using the tilt controls is more exciting and frantic than anything else. Players should try either of the two to see what works best for them (the split left-right for directions and center-tap for shoot is a little awkward if you do not have a table to put your device down on).