Toss the Turtle 2 Should Be Crazier Than the First

Toss the Turtle is a crazy launch game that features a turtle with a tough shell to crack. With a click of your mouse, you can pitch reptilian hero forward, subjecting him to nasty spikes, turret fire, speeding vehicles, Goombas and even pink-masked chainsaw brutes. After he’s in the air, you can choose to pelt him with rocks in order to Don’t worry, save for the occasional twitching, the turtle is virtually indestructible so you can launch him as many times as you like.

What we really loved about the original was its unique blend of launch game and shoot ’em up elements. It’s not enough just to give the turtle an impressive head start; you’ll also have to use every trick in the book to ensure his safety for as long as you can. A well-placed shot with your blaster will prevent him from dropping to his doom by moving him a space. Later on, you get to purchase better firearms and even strap the reptile with a Chest Bomb. It may sound quite strange on paper but we attest to its fun, highly addictive nature.

Nevertheless, Toss the Turtle 2 will have to knock our socks off by breaking the glass ceiling. We mean over the top action, crazier upgrades and a slew of random encounters. A few additions to Blast Co.’s stocks wouldn’t hurt either. Instead of a rocket launcher, we want to see sonic shotguns or proton packs that can pitch even the turtle’s ghost forward. What about an upgrade for the charge bar that allows the hero to traverse long distances in light speed? Or giant monster encounters that require explosive upgrades to overcome? Being able to call upon an alien ship to blast and hurl the turtle across planets would certainly make things exciting. While the chances of all of these things to be included in the actual sequel seems like a bit of a stretch, having even one will really liven things up. Besides, these are just some of the insane things we can come up with to suit Toss the Turtle 2’s equally nutty premise, we’re sure the developers have something better up their sleeve.

Aside from updated visuals, we’re looking forward to unlockable music as well. Launch games are, after all, more fun to play if you’re in the zone. Those who want to chill should be able to relax to mellow tunes while those who have itchy trigger fingers should have access to head bang inducing music. While it isn’t a launch game, just think of Robot Unicorn’s success with “Always”. Good choice in music always goes a long way.

And lastly, a blood and gore toggle will come in handy for those who prefer their turtles pain-free. It’s not so much the offensive visuals, but more of an insurance policy for those times when younger siblings sneak up on you to take over the controls. For anyone who has little gamers running amuck inside the house, having options is always good thing.

Often launch games like this have a certain set of tricks to fall back on, sequel after sequel. However, we’re hoping that Toss the Turtle’s zany world is just the beginning of something new and exciting. Because it already has solid game play to fall back on, the sequel has nowhere else to go but to over-the-top entertaining. Unexpected elements would surely keep things fresh and additional music choices wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Whatever lies ahead, we’re optimistic about the series’ future and are prepared to pry keyboards off Toss the Turtle 2 addicts.