Supernatural Episode 11 of Season 8 – The Winchesters Solve Mysterious Moondor Murders in “LARP and the Real Girl”

Sam and Dean learn to LARP in Episode 11 of Season 8. In this geekified Supernatural episode, Felicia Day joins the hunter brothers a second time around as they investigate the mysterious death of a Moondor veteran. Or two.

In the meanwhile, Sam is getting tired of waiting for Kevin to translate the demon tablet. Dean suggests hitting a bar to have some fun and to help them get past their break ups. In true Supernatural fashion, they then get “garthed” through GPS tracking and a case gets assigned to the two. So much for a night off.

Fresh from the Guild

Entitled “LARP and the Real Girl”, the first suspect they investigate is Lance Jacobsen, the victim’s fellow in the Queen’s honor guard. Before Ed Nelson died, the two exchanged angry text messages and got into an argument about cutting corners in-game. In short, Lance was the last person Ed got to talk to before his body got stretched to death. A neighbor reported sounds of galloping and hellish horse neighs too, but of course the local sheriff dismisses it. Anyway, Taggart and Rosewood from the FBI (that’s Sam and Dean for you and me) head over to the station to interrogate Lance.

Lo and behold, the suspect is not killer material. In tears, Lance explains that the messages were exchanged between Greyfox the Mystic and Thargrim the Difficult, their Live Action Role Playing game counterparts. He also mentions a Moondor website confirming his whereabouts at the time Ed got killed. The brothers check this out and Lance is free and clear thanks to the feast photos posted online.

Sam and Dean barely had time to process things when the suspect mysteriously dies in the interrogation room. Upon inspecting the surveillance footage, it seems Lance had the same tree tattoo found on the original victim appearing on his arm. The two then go off to find their next lead –Charlie Bradbury, a.k.a. Moondor’s Queen of Moons.

Totally in Character

We then get introduced to Gerry, a.k.a. Boltar the Furious. The brothers watch as he uses a silence spell on another LARPer named Monty, who is playing as a rebellious Orc in the town’s stocks. Being used to making realistic costumes, Boltar can tell the brothers’ badges are fake and doesn’t fall for their FBI ruse. On a side note, kudos to the guys behind Supernatural for poking fun at this classic fake ID loophole. Anyway, Boltar tells them they are late for the genre mash-up but mentions that the Queen is in need of new squires to replace the two that are missing.

They then head off to see Charlie, witnessing her duel against one of her adoring troops. She gets ready to run when the two put her up to speed about Ed and Lance’s mysterious deaths. Charlie, apparently her name is now Carrie Heinlein, mentions that her army is ever-shrinking, with her troops experiencing a string of bad luck. Aside from the deaths of two of her best men, one got both ankles broken and there were three who suffered major injuries while at home. They wonder why whoever is doing this doesn’t just go after the Queen herself. With some discussion, Sam and Dean let her help them track down Moondor’s murderous villain.

Dean Gets Chainmail

After a much-awaited costume change, Dean accompanies Charlie to explore the rest of Heritage Park while Sam stays behind in Moondor’s very own gateway to the future. Actually it’s just a tent with computers and internet access, but we do get to see a cameo of Felicia Day’s Dragon Age in-game 3D counterpart. He meets Gholandria the Wicked who offers her knowledge about the incidents and, thanks to Sam’s charms, so much more. Eventually they find out that the Celtic tree tattoo is also the Shadow King’s family crest.

Meanwhile Boltar comes across Dean and Charlie in the forest. The Queen introduces Dean as her new handmaiden and Dean goes with Boltar/Gerry to locate the Shadow Orcs. Charlie heads back to camp on her own in order to meet up with Sam but ends up being abducted by a mysterious hooded figure. This mysterious kidnapper is later revealed to be a good fairy, a prisoner herself who is forced to do her master’s deadly bidding.

Fairy Fun Time

After a predictable bust with the Orcs, the brothers stumble upon a mysterious tent with Charlie and Gilda epically kissing. At any rate, they discover that the killer is actually Bolty and that he wanted to get rid of the competition to become King. While he only wanted to incapacitate the others, he punished Lance and Ed for getting an edge through real money trading by taking their lives. He also reveals getting the Book of Magic from eBay, which gives us a good lesson –vengeful nerds have no business buying dangerous magical artifacts online.

He gives the hunters a bit of a fight with Gilda’s help, but Charlie manages to destroy the Book of Magic, thereby freeing the fairy. Gilda brings her evil former master along to face a Fairy Tribunal, making cleanup much more convenient for Sam and Dean.

The Battle of Kingdoms resumes with Dean’s Braveheart speech to lead the charge. Sam finally gives in and joins his brother in defending the crown, making it a happy ending for everyone. Well, except the dead LARPers of course.

With the seven seasons under its belt, you may think that the jokes have run dry already. Fortunately for true blue Supernatural fans, episodes like LARP and the Real Girl reestablishes just what we loved about the series in the first place. Apart from resetting Sam and Dean’s relationship, the geeky humor and wise-cracks make light of the unknown, putting emphasis on the awesome cast of characters instead of focusing on the technicalities.

Something To Look Forward To

On the next episode, the brothers learn more about their family business through a grandfather they barely know. “As Time Goes By” introduces a young Henry Winchester, expecting to meet up with his son but ending up in the boys’ timeline instead. After he pops out of a closet, Dean looks mighty pissed, mentioning his poor baby got all smashed up. Again? The Impala gets as beaten up as the Winchesters in this show. At any rate, we get to take a peek on the kind of relationship their grandfather had with their dad, going full circle with the family theme of the show.

Episode 12 also introduces a new baddie called Abaddon, with Henry mentioning that she comes from hell. We see her in the trailer both in the past, slapping someone silly, and the present, digging a grave wearing a trendy statement shirt saying “The Devil Made Me Do It”. She may just be the reason why Henry time travelled from 1958, or at least one of the reasons.

Is this related to Crowley’s newfound knowledge of the angel tablet’s existence? Or is she working alone and just had a craving to posses rocker chicks all of a sudden? Regardless what sort of trouble she brews up, we just know the boys get this chance to kick arse with their granddaddy to defeat her.

Granddaddy Winchester? Time travel? Trendy demons? That’s more than enough reason to check out Episode 12 of Season 8.