Supernatural – Episode 10 of Season 8 – Next January Episode to Hints of a Classic Clash

Sam and Dean may be taking a long hiatus for this holiday season, but when mid-January arrives, we will finally start to see some serious sparks between the angels and the demons. It brings the series back to its roots, and from the news that we have been hearing, Jeremey Carver plans to bring it all to a climactic end by Season 8 episode 10.

It has been a long and winding road since Crowley and Castiel faced off and ended up unleashing a swarm of leviathans onto the world. This led to a pretty wild goose chase that placed the angels and demons story away from the spotlight. Now that is long out of the picture, Supernatural is back to the basics –returning to the old elements that made it so darned good to watch.

The last episode (number 9, which aired during the first week of December), introduced us to Benny’s past, which pretty much solidified the fact that he has chosen to live a straight life. Of course, the death of Martin the hunter is bound to complicate things between the Winchester brothers. All of that, however, is a distraction from the main plot: the fact that Castiel is now answering to a strange big brother-ish group of angels (all they lack are the shades and black suits) and the demon Crowley is getting ever so close to deciphering the Word of God.

Yes folks, Crowley and Cass are going to clash once again. Which is what we have all been waiting for a while now; sure, Crowley was a very interesting anti-hero character during the Leviathan arc, but the man is truly in his element when it comes to coming up with double crossing deals that will get him as many souls as he possibly can.

New characters are also starting to take bigger roles as well; Kevin, the new Prophet, is proving to be quite an interesting character –he has toughened up a lot since season 7 and with his really street smart mom, the two make quite an interesting duo to watch. In the meanwhile, Bobby’s shoes are being filled in by Garth. While initially a joke character, Garth has evolved into his role as a both a hunter and as a source of support for other hunters; in any case Bobby would certainly be proud.

So what are we expecting to see this January? Definitely a better detailing of that strange group in Heaven who seem to be pulling all the strings; if they have enough juice to pull Cass out of Purgatory, then they certainly have some claws hooked on Crowley’s activities as well. Since the Word has been split into two, it is unlikely that Crowley is going to get anywhere with his piece anytime soon, though it is also unlikely that he has given up –not when he is so close to knowing all there is to know about demons, the gates of hell, and taking over all of existence.

Honestly, we are rather bored with Sam’s background story with the veterinarian. Sure, she’s cute and likable, and the fact that she seems to relate to Sam’s broken psyche makes their relationship something worth keeping. But in the end, Sam’s track record pretty much proves that everyone he has a relationship with is screwed (in good ways and bad). Not to mention the fact that her once thought-dead husband has finally returned to make things all the more complicated. In the meanwhile Dean still has to smooth things out for Benny, or that vampire is going to have plenty of hunters gunning for him. Sadly, the older Winchester does not seem too keen on ensuring that his bloodthirsty friend is going to have a danger-free transition.

Regardless of what happens, expect the next episodes of season 8 to be part of a massive cliffhanger that will further raise more questions as season 9 rolls around.